Features and Storage Tips

Exceptional Storage Features in New Kent County, VA

New Kent Mini Storage is dedicated to providing you with top-notch storage features in New Kent County, VA. Our facility is designed to meet all your storage needs with options above and beyond to ensure convenience, security, and easy accessibility. Check out our facility features below.

Facility Features

24-Hour Access

Ample Customer Parking

Climate Controlled (Guaranteed Temperature)

Drive-Up Units

Gated Property

Key Code Entry

Lighted Hallways

Pro-Rated Move-In Rates

On-Site Manager

Outside Boat Storage

Outside RV Parking 

Online Payments

Online Unit Reservation

RV Parking

Single-Story Facility

Uncovered Parking 

Video Surveillance

Find the Perfect Storage Unit for Your Needs

At New Kent Mini Storage, we understand the importance of finding a secure and suitable space for storing your belongings. Whether you’re decluttering, moving, or need to store seasonal items, our facility is equipped to accommodate your needs with various unit sizes. Here’s how to determine the perfect fit for your storage requirements:

Inventory Your Items: Keep a detailed list of what you’ll store to ensure you select the right unit size. 

Explore Our Features: Visit our website to learn about our hours, security measures, and additional services.

Insurance Matters: Consider securing insurance for your stored items for added peace of mind. Check if your existing insurance offers coverage.

Securing Your Belongings: We recommend using a disk lock, considered one of the most secure locks for storage units, available for purchase at our facility.

Personalized Orientation: Allocate 10 to 15 minutes upon renting to discuss your lease agreement, payment policies, and options with our friendly staff.

Efficient Packing and Organization

Start with Smart Stacking

Uniform Box Sizes: Use boxes of similar sizes for seamless stacking, placing the heaviest ones at the bottom.

Maximize Airflow

Breathe Easy: Ensure a gap between your stored items and the walls to allow air to circulate freely.

Plan Your Layout

Optimal Use Strategies: Arrange to store sofas vertically, stack chairs, and utilize large items for storing soft goods. Implementing pallets or blocks can elevate items from the floor, preserving them over long periods.

Accessibility and Visibility

Easy Access: Craft a walkway within your unit for hassle-free access to any item.

Organizational Tools: Shelves can transform your storage space, making vertical storage a breeze.

Labels Are Key: Label all boxes on every side to minimize search time.

Special Considerations for Items

Furniture & Appliances: Disassemble larger items and clean appliances thoroughly. Utilize the inside of furniture for additional storage space.

Protection Measures: Prevent rust on metal items with oil and keep fragile items like mirrors and paintings vertical, well-wrapped, and marked.

Delicate Touch: Use bubble wrap or packing paper for fragile items, storing them in drawers or special boxes marked as “FRAGILE.

Advanced Tips for Special Items

Lock It Up: Security is a priority. A high-quality lock, available at our Rental Office, is essential.

Heirloom Care: For delicate heirlooms, consider wardrobe boxes with dehumidifier packs to fend off mildew.

Mattress Protection: Store mattresses flat and well-covered to maintain their shape and cleanliness.

Things Not to Store

Food Items

Food Invites Pests: Remember, any food can attract rodents and other pests. Preserving the cleanliness of your unit means forgoing food storage. 

Certain Chemicals

Hazardous Substances: This includes paint cans, oil or gasoline containers. Not only can these pose a safety threat, but it’s also against the law to store combustible or hazardous materials.

Equipment Prep

Outdoor Equipment: Before storing items like lawnmowers or snow blowers, ensure you’ve drained all gas and oil. These substances are flammable and can be dangerous in an enclosed space.


Staining Possibility: Although mothballs protect fabrics in storage, they can cause staining. It’s best to avoid using them when storing clothing and textile items.

Access Protocols

If someone other than you needs access to your unit, please inform us first. We require a heads-up about any changes to the list of people who can access your unit. This helps us protect your stored items and adhere to our security protocols. 

By adhering to this advice, you’re doing your part to maintain a secure, safe environment at New Kent Mini Storage. Let’s maintain a storage facility for security and peace of mind. Connect with us today if you have questions about our storage features in New Kent County, VA.